We believe that it is important to share our success, expertise and contacts in the business sphere.

That is why the partners of Lemon Tree Services help passionate and talented people develop their ideas and projects.

From love to the theater

It is amazing to see Luxembourgish cultural projects developing and attracting every year ever more auditors and artists. This is the case with the Monodrama Festival launched in Luxembourg by the excellent actor Steve Karier in 2010. During ten days of the 2018 edition you could watch 15 performances of artists from nine countries. The Monodrama Festival combines contemporary theater with music, dance and poetry. The monodrama grants the actor the opportunity to electrify the audience by their dramatic techniques and explosive political or social subjects.

We are proud to support the charity of Steve Karier, Fundamental, in promotion of young and autochthon artists and his bold project of the Monodrama Festival in Luxembourg.

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Lemon Tree Services and the songs made in Luxembourg

Being passionate for music, the partners of LTS support the Grund Club - Songwriters of Luxembourg.

The Grund Club was created and managed in 2014 by its artistic director Lata Gouveia and promotes Luxembourgish artists, especially songwriters and musicians. The concerts of songs written and performed by artists living and creating in Luxembourg became cult events on the Luxembourgish musical scene. Approximately 40 artists of different origins, walking on various musical paths commit to the label of songs made in Luxembourg.

The last big achievement of the Grund Club is starting a residential collaboration with the renowned Rockhal Luxembourg.

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